Case Presentation #1: Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Heavy tetracycline staining maxillary and mandibullary arch.

Full mouth rehabilitation was performed. Posterior teeth (molars and premolars) were covered using all porcelain crowns and anterior teeth were covered with porcelain veneers.

Case Presentation #2: Misaligned and Broken Down Teeth

Severely broken down teeth and misaligned. Deep bite and cervical decay.

Initial treatment phase, where custom temporary crowns were used, to restore vertical dimension, function and esthetics. Final impression will be taken after several weeks of healing

Case Presentation #3: Full Mouth Reconstruction

Case of full mouth Biotemps: Transitional full mouth reconstruction

Case Presentation #4: Traumatic Injury

Patient suffered traumatic injury to his face.

Patient Danny Stillman, suffered a gunshot wound to his left side of his face, creating a large defect, missing alveolar bone and posterior teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation has been performed using all porcelain crowns and 4 implant supported all porcelain obturator to replace missing alveolar bone and teeth on the left side.

Case Presentation #5: Periodontal Disease

Severe periodontal disease maxillary and mandibullary arch. Patient 45 year old female, lost all her maxillary teeth as a result of periodontal desease.All upper teeth have been replaced by implants.14 implants have been placed, one for each missing tooth. Pink porcelain was used to replace the missing soft tissue (gingiva). Lower 6 implants have been used, 3 on the left side and 3 on the right side.

Case Presentation #6: Dental Implants

Lost maxillary anterior teeth, and the complete supporting bone structure. Patient 47 years old female lost her maxillary front teeth and bone as a result of a car accident. Several years she was wearing a partial denture(plate).Treatment consisted of placing 6 total implants,3 on the right side and 3 on the left side. A custom,precision,all porcelain obturator was made, retained by lingualy positioned gold screws. Her lip support, smile and function was restored.

Case Presentation #7: Chronic Headache

Chronic head ache symptoms with constant ringing in the ear, limited opening capability and constant clenching. Complete all porcelain crowns and veneers have been used in this case to improve esthetics and function. Patient was suffering for years of headaches and ringing in her ears. Symptoms completely subsided after the case completion.

Case Presentation 8

Severely atrophied mandible

Case Presentation 9

Severely atrophied mandible: Severely atrophied mandible was restored using six mandibullary implants and fixed porcelain bridgework.

Case Presentation 10

Case Presentation 11

Case Presentation 12