Your smile is among the most noticeable aspects of your appearance, and it powerfully influences the first impressions you form. Whether it’s a social or professional interaction, knowing your smile is healthy and bright boosts your confidence and how others perceive you. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the cornerstones of the My Ashburn Dentist practice. My Ashburn Dentist has perfected multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures, and he’s helped hundreds of people from the Ashburn, Virginia area feel great about their smiles. Call today or schedule a consultation online to learn about the available options, and begin a path to your best smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is the best cosmetic dentistry option?

This simple question has a nuanced answer. There’s no single “best” cosmetic dentistry procedure. Creating a beautiful smile is a process that requires a highly individualized approach, which is a fundamental part of Dr. Rusznak’s practice philosophy.

While the purpose of each procedure is to create a more appealing smile, all dental work can impact the health and strength of your teeth. To determine which cosmetic dentistry options are right for you, Dr. Rusznak will conduct a thorough dental examination. If there are any signs of decay, he addresses those issues first. Your overall health history also impacts which options are viable for you.

Next, Dr. Rusznak will speak with you about your cosmetic dentistry goals. While there have been astounding advancements in cosmetic dentistry in recent years, each person’s outcome is largely dependent on the current health and position of their teeth. Dr. Rusznak will explain the different options and help you make a decision that is right for you.

What are some common cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Because of technological advancements, there are more cosmetic dentistry options available today than ever before. Some of the most common procedures include:

Teeth whitening

Custom-fitted plastic trays and powerful bleaching solutions are used to brighten teeth and fade stains. Laser teeth whitening is also popular. It uses targeted light to blast apart stains and provide instant, noticeable results.

Dental veneers

Thin porcelain shells are crafted and shaped to fit over your natural teeth and correct imperfections in alignment, shade, or shape. They can also hide decay or damage.

Dental implants

Implants are surgically anchored in your jawbone and allow for the permanent placement of a custom-crafted crown. Implants can be used to provide a total mouth restoration.

Crowns or bridges

These devices offer a lasting and high-quality option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Less expensive than implants, crowns and bridges can provide a natural-looking replacement for one or more missing teeth. In many cases, more than one cosmetic procedure is used to obtain optimal results.

How should I choose a dentist for cosmetic procedures?

Choosing a dental professional to perform cosmetic procedures is a big step. While the purpose of each procedure is to create a more appealing smile, all dental work can impact the health and strength of your teeth. It’s important to select an experienced dental practitioner who’s up to date on current cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rusznak continually pursues additional education and training on the latest dental procedures, whether for preventive, restorative, or cosmetic purposes. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today with My Ashburn Dentist.

My Ashburn Dentist: Your Cosmetic Dentistry Professionals

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